Thrifty Finds

My mom was in town this past weekend and Ian was painting the house, so I was under strict orders to keep the kids out of my house all day. So of course my mom and I went thrifting...and to an amazing estate sale. 

You may be asking yourself, if Jessica likes thrifting so much, why doesn't she ever go without her mom? I have tried. Let me tell you, it is not pretty. Thrift stores are small and crammed full of stuff. My little children have go-go gadget arms and seem to be able to rip everything off the shelves. So I need another set of hands to help me with this said problem. Given that none of my friends are super into thrifting, my mom it is! Thanks for this mom. I really do enjoy thrifting with you. 

This gem I actually snagged to put on the table in our backyard. But, its home became on the wall in our newly painted dining room. It was $3.99. 

I don't buy many clothes for my kids, but most of the ones that I do, I get at thrift stores. I love that I can snag name brand stuff for so freaking cheap. I almost passed up this adorable Janie and Jack dress because I am cheap. It was $2.99. I don't normal pay that much for thrifted clothes. But it was adorable and in the end, the adorableness factor won me over. You can't tell from the picture, but it has little butterflies all over it. 

Stride Rite sandals for $1.99. Need I say more? Ian thinks they are a little dorky looking, but for the price, I don't care! 

I am all about collecting little wooden toys for my kids. This is a miniature bead roller coaster and cost me a whopping 39 cents. Isla pretty much uses it as a weapon rattle. 

Wooden blocks are my obsession as of late. I need to be stopped. I have amassed quite the collection. This set right here put me back 99 cents. 

This amazing little cozy coupe was found at the estate sale my mom and I hit up. It didn't have a price and given how adorable it is, I was afraid it was going to be expensive. We asked how much and the guy gave it to Connor. That's right, it was FREE. I like free! 

Have you found anything good while thrifting lately?


  1. So sweet that you love thrifting with your mom! My mom is my favorite person to go shopping with!!

  2. I bought one of those teeny bead things and keep it in the diaper bag. My son loves playing with it at restaurants!


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