Connor is Famous

We went to a car show on Sunday and the photographer from the Modesto Bee took a bunch of pictures of Connor playing in a ginormous, drivable shopping cart. Though the picture didn't make it into the print edition, they did post it online and that's still cool in this mama's eyes.

I showed Connor the picture and asked him who it was and he said "That's shopping cart". Such an adorable kid! And such a little thing that only a mama would love!   


  1. Whoa! That's so neat! Were you ever in the newspaper for anything? My brother made it in when he was 4, I think. The caption was, "Jeffrey says "I love you" to his doll" HAHAHAA

    1. Bet he never lived that one down!

    2. His sister won't let him forget it!

  2. Well he's so darn adorable, how could they not use his photo? :)


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