The Napa Valley Getaway

We are back from our anniversary getaway (even though our anniversary isn't for a couple more weeks). It really was great to get away and enjoy some distraction free time by ourselves. As I said before, this was our first time away by ourselves since having Connor 2.5 years ago. And I'm not going to lie, the first day I was on edge just thinking about what was happening with my children. Were they ok? Was Isla taking a bottle? Was Connor behaving himself? I just kept trying to remind myself that they were in good hands and kept my phone right by me at all times just in case

We stayed at an amazing little cottage and had a breakfast basket delivered to our doorstep every morning. How great is that?! Oh, and let me mention how great a complete nights sleep was! Especially since I hadn't experienced one in about a year. It was FABULOUS. Of course, I woke up having to deal with some very full ladies. Speaking of which, I have never liked pumping, I now have quite the disdain for it and quite the respect for those mamas out there that do it on a consistent basis. 

After finding out my kids made it through the first night fine, I was ready to head out for the day. We are random travelers. We don't plan and kind of make things up as we go along. So, we ended up grabbing sandwiches and eating them at a winery that overlooked the valley...we also ignored the posted sign and did not purchase any wine. 

As first time wine country visitors, we did take a tour at one of the wineries. After having to wait because the first tour was sold out (I told you we don't plan ahead!), we ended up getting a tour all to ourselves. What rockstars we are! 

One of my favorite parts of the trip was being able to get dressed up for dinner...don't worry, there will be another post of all my outfits. I enjoyed not having to think about baby access when dressing myself or how difficult it would be to run after a toddler in heels. I just got to get all dressed up and enjoy the company of my husband. It was great. Oh, and our cottage had complementary valet service to dinner. We were like ballers, getting dropped off and picked up! 

I must admit, even though we had a fabulous time, I was ready to get back to my babies...even if a certain little boy didn't hug us when we got home and probably wanted to say at his Papa & Memaw's a little longer. I try to not get offended! 

All in all, I had an amazing time on our little getaway and hope we will do it a little more frequently than every 2.5 years. Of course, next year is our 10 year anniversary so we will have to do something for that!  

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