Built in Buddy

Recently I heard a mom talking about describing marriage to her 13 year old. She explained it as having a built in buddy. She told her son that her and her husband were best friends and enjoyed going on adventures together. That made me smile. 

This is us in 2003, just before we got married

Ian truly is my built in buddy. I feel completely myself around him. I love going on adventures with him. I love how laid back he is about things and always seems up for anything. 

I enjoy thinking about when we were first married, staying up all night watching 24 or going to Jack in the Box at 1am after I got off work. I love remembering sleeping in our rental car while we drove around Germany, getting fish and chips every Friday while we lived in Scotland. I love watching him walk up the street on his way home from work. Talking to him at the dinner table while the kids throw fits. I love living life with him.

I love walking through life with my built in buddy by my side. 
Happy nine years Ian! 
Here's to a million more!

Care to read about my thoughts on past anniversaries? You can read about years sixseven and eight. Enjoy!  


  1. Happy Anniversary!!
    I like that way that sounds too built in buddy.Aww!!

  2. Wow! Happy 9th anniversary!!

    P.S. Loving the new blog design!

  3. Happy Anniversary I just got married to my best friend in may this post made me smile we're currently watching 24 from season 1 haha! I can't wait for my 1 yr anniversary let alone 9 thats amazing congrats :)

  4. I love seeing how Ian is your best friend. It's exactly how it should be!


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