Fathers Day

Happy fathers day to the most amazing man my children have the privilege of calling dad. I couldn't have picked someone so perfect to raise a family with. Only God could have done that. Ian, you are so involved, so loving, so caring, so patient and so fun with our children. I am amazed at the father you are. I thank God for giving our children such a wonderful man to raise them.

And to our fathers, what can I say, you obviously did an amazing job. You have us as children! In all seriousness, seeing you two as papas has been an amazing experience. Both of you are so hands on and it melts my heart seeing both of you get on your hands and knees to play with Connor and how you light up when my kids come in the room. Thank you for always being patient and continuing to teach Ian and I as we navigate life as adults. And especially for loving our children the way that you do. 

Ian's dad with Connor

My dad with Isla


  1. Oh that picture with the writing on the feet is just too terribly sweet. I'm sure Ian melted when he saw that!


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