A Little Sibling Comparison

I was looking through old pictures the other night and came across a couple of Connor at the same age as Isla. So I decided to do the same pictures of Isla for a little side by side comparison. 

Connor was always a little bit ahead of the game in terms of physical activity. At this age, he was standing up and could walk holding on to things. I personally am glad that Isla is not doing these things yet. I already feel like she is grown up enough just because she can now go from laying down to sitting on her own. And she is way too close to standing up for my comfort. 

Isla has always been a couple pounds heavier than Connor month to month. At 8 months old, they were the exact same length. Judging by these pictures, I would say she is now looking a little taller that him, but I'm not sure. They both had the same amount of teeth - two on the bottom with teeth coming in on the top. 

Looking at these pictures makes me realize they have the same eyes and also seem to have the same half hearted smile going on as well. These pictures also make me get all nostalgic thinking of little baby Connor! 

Here's another comparison from when they were 5 months old and also when they were wee little babes

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