Isla {7 Months}

Weight: 19lbs (my measurement)
Length: 27 inches (my measurement)

Eating food!
brown rice cereal, pears, carrots, sweet potato,
banana, rice, celery, butternut squash,
Finally rolls from her back to her stomach
Scoots around on the a worm
Sits up unaided

My adorable little Isla. She is still cool, calm and collected during the day, as long as she is fed and all up to date on her sleep. Now the nighttime, that is still another story. She still gets up about 3 times a night to eat. On the plus side, she does go to sleep at night without crying and when she does get up to eat, usually goes right back to sleep. 

Isla loves her brother so much. She loves pulling his hair. And he in turn, finds it funny so puts his head right in her face to give her the ultimate in pulling opportunities. She loves watching him play and is entertained by just watching him be his crazy self. And should he actually come over and play with her for a minute, she is all smiles and giggles. 

As soon as Isla turned 6 months old, she started solids in full force. She doesn't seem to like rice cereal at all, so I decided to skip it. She also doesn't seem to like pears. I tried a few times, so I figure I will try again in a few weeks time. But she does love her some carrots, sweet potato and butternut squash. Also, she goes through numerous frozen celery sticks a day. She sucks the life out of them...until they are limp, nasty and a choking hazard so I take them away! Last night she got her first taste of rice and really seemed to enjoy it. Ian set it in front of her and let her feed herself. Sure there was rice everywhere, but she really did enjoy herself. 

Isla is a total mama's girl. I don't mind, in fact I secretly kind of like it! Who wouldn't like that their baby calms down the minute they are in your arms?! Isla is my beautiful little girl. I love having her in our lives and home. She brightens up every day with her big blue eyes and her smile. And those little giggles? They could make even the hardest of hearts smile.

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  1. She is so precious!!! Great pictures of your beautiful girl!


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