My First Fruits

Yesterday I harvested my first two zucchini from my plants. I was pretty dang excited about the whole ordeal. I actually managed to grow something! Crazy! Last year I couldn't even keep my tomato plant alive, so this is definitely an improvement. Do you think it has something to do with me talking to and petting my plant? I kid. Kind of.

Tonight I made dinner with my zucchini. So exciting actually eating something you grew yourself!

I hear that zucchini plants produce like crazy...I can only hope. It would be so fun to eat fresh zucchini from the garden and even have some to give away. And my tomato plant has tomatoes growing all over it. Fresh roma tomatoes from my own backyard. I can hardly contain my excitement. I can't wait to taste one of those babies!

With the taste of success fresh zucchini in my mouth, I am thinking I will have to expand the garden next year.


  1. Fresh tomatoes? Gimme some of those! I'm not too crazy about zucchini though; it's hard to prepare because it's so bland. Have you found a good recipe for it?

    1. I never seem to make them on their own. I use them a lot in dishes though. I make veggie enchiladas and stick them in there, this above dish is another classic in my house - chicken and a bunch of veggies and spices thrown together and baked. I did see them quartered and grilled somewhere recently, so I think we will be trying that on the bbq this summer.


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