A Little Sleep Update on Connor

I tried waiting as long as possible moving Connor out of his crib because I feared what would happen. So far, those fears seem to have been just that, fears. Connor hasn't had any crazy sleep regression. He stays in his bed at night. In fact, our only real issue has been naps. He would much prefer playing to taking a nap. The funny part is, if I leave him in his room long enough, he will stop playing, climb in his bed and go to sleep. Pretty darn cute, if you ask me. Of course, we are only at about a 50/50 ratio these days for if Connor will actually take a nap, but that's life. The other fun thing is the look on Connor's face when he walks out of his room by himself after a nap. Its a look of pride and oh-so-freaking-cute. I know, I know, something only a mother would appreciate, but still.

Anyway, Connor has yet to fall out of his bed, despite me finding him in all sorts of sleeping positions...including him deciding to sleep on the floor one night! The best part is, he seems to always take his pillow to where he wants to sleep in bed.

My little man is growing up...sniff, sniff.

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  1. This is hilarious! And he looks so precious while he sleeps!


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