Treats & Trains

With Ian being out of town for work, my mom took the train to come stay with me and the kids for a few days. And since my mom's train was getting in at just the right time, Connor and I hit up the Starbucks frappuccino happy hour on our way to the train station. Up until this point in his life, Connor has yet to have a frappuccino. Ian and I never drink them, so he hasn't been exposed to them. But, I thought I could splurge and get him one at half off. I got him a strawberries & cream with no whipped cream. And, being the smart mom that I am, I waited until the train station to give him his treat...I certainly didn't want it all over the inside of my car! 

Once we were settled outside the station, I gave Connor his treat. What I didn't expect is that he pretty much sucked it down. There was no slow enjoyment. His plan was to consume that beverage as fast as his little body could handle. 

When he wasn't drinking it, he referred to it as "my milk", which I quickly corrected. There is no way I want this kid of mine to think a sugary drink is a substitute for milk! Anyway, after Connor finished his treat, he wanted to go after mine - an iced coffee (no sweetener, thankyouverymuch). I gave him a sip, then shoed him away. 

Soon enough my mom's train was pulling in. We stood close to the tracks. But not too close, don't you worry. And we saw my mom through the window. As soon as the conductor got out, Connor said "that conductor". Someone's been watching a little too much Thomas the Train Engine! 

After hugs were given, Connor grabbed my mom's hand and tried to drag her back on the train because he wanted on. Then, I was trying to take a picture of them with the train when the conductor walked up, put his hat on Connor and posed for a picture with them. Connor didn't move or speak. I am going to chalk it up to being nervous and excited. 

And like a good mom, we stayed to watch the train leave, waving the whole time. I would say it was a pretty good day for a certain little train-loving 2 year old! 


  1. These pictures! You've perfectly captured the moment.

    Did he get a brain freeze from super fast frappaccino ingestion?

  2. I'm just happy to see him in a Giants shirt!


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