A Present for Ian

While driving home from running errands on Tuesday, my mom spotted a garage sale for us to stop at. Who knew there were garage sales on Tuesdays? We unloaded the kids from the car and looked around. Instantly an old school looking espresso machine on the ground caught my eye. Sure it was a little beat up, but I thought Ian just might like it. When I asked the price and the lady said $20, I was a little shocked. This is a garage sale after all and I was hoping for something like $5. Anyway, I took a picture of the machine and went home to google it. 

As soon as I put in the name, I discovered this was in fact a high quality, expensive machine. So, I jumped back in my car and ran to buy the machine...thankfully the garage sale was in my neighborhood. Originally I thought I would save it until father's day for Ian, but I decided I couldn't wait. I gave him all these clues over the phone (think: restoration project, something way cool, something that could cost us some money, but would be worth it, and so on) and told him he would get his surprise when he got home. Someone that was on his work trip with him had him convinced that it was probably an antique clock. Nothing against antique clocks, but come on Ian. Do you really think I would say you would be excited about a clock?! Anyway...

Last night Ian got home and got his present. He was excited. It turns out, he has been trolling the internet for months looking for one of these bad boys in his price range. And to think I gawked at $20. When Ian turned it on last night, amazingly it worked. And he has a friend who works on espresso machines and said he would help him fix it up. I'm pretty excited about this little project I bought for him, that I got quite the deal on without even looking for it! 

P.S. Once we Ian gets it all prettied up, I will post some pictures. 

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  1. Such a great wife and what an awesome find! Gotta love those Tuesday garage sales!!!!


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