And Blueberry Picking Season Has Begun!

I seriously love taking the kids out and going fruit picking. We've been blueberry, strawberry and apple picking numerous times. I just find it so fun. And so do the kids. Sure, Isla is still at the age that she wants to eat all that she picks. But it's clean (organic) and fresh. And the kids love being out in the sun and playing in the dirt. And I love coming home with a bunch of fresh, not to mention cheap, fruit.

When I saw that our favorite blueberry farm was opening for the season this past weekend, I knew we had to go. Connor remembers it from last year and was completely on board. I mean, there is a small putt putt golf thing there, a bounce house, a play structure and a boat in the middle of blue sand. It's a bit like a kids paradise. Of course, we make them wait to play until after the blueberries are all picked. Otherwise it would never happen!

 ^^ Connor took his blueberry picking responsibility very serious. He picked only the blue ones and did such a good job of not eating too many. 

 ^^ Isla, on the other hand, ate everything she picked, then tried coming after our buckets, but we kept her away. 

We managed to come home with almost five pounds of blueberries. Ian joked that would last us a day. But seriously, we go through blueberries and really any fruit at an insane rate in our house. And Connor is already planning on going back next weekend. I always say we are going to freeze some of the blueberries we pick, but they really don't ever last long around our house, so that never ends up happening. But maybe this is the year, now that Connor is fully on board with picking blueberries and not just eating them!

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  1. Hope you all had fun even the adults ;)
    Love Isla's filling her face with blueberrys!! Connor is growing up so quick!! :/

  2. This makes me so excited for fruit picking here in Buffalo, but our seasons are short and later than yours.

    strawberries mid june to mid july
    blueberries mid july to mid august.

    and that's it :(


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