Summer Bucket List

I've never made a summer bucket list before. And really, even without one, we always get out and do things. But I like the idea of having this hanging on our frig and making each one a special thing for the kids and letting them cross them off as we get them done. Most of these are already activities we do, but I did throw in a couple things we wouldn't normally do, just to make it special. And hopefully our from seed watermelon plants don't disappoint us because they made the list and no matter how big or small, we want to eat a home grown watermelon this year! Touring the cheese factory is a random one, but it is only 30 minutes from our house and Connor asked how cheese is made, so I thought it would be a fun little excursion. Though I can't believe next week is the kids last week of school, I am excited for all the fun, leisure and friend time that summer brings.

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