Life Sometimes Just Gets in the Way

You know it's bad when your own husband asks, "What happened to blogging?" I still love it, but have been preoccupied with other things lately. Life just gets in the way sometimes, right?! Hopefully I'll be back in the swing of things again soon because I really do enjoy documenting our little life so I can remember things…since life passes so quickly, and I really do enjoy connecting with other bloggers online. Anyway, here's some random happenings as of late.

* Our carrots and watermelon that we started from seeds are successfully planted in the ground. Many of the carrots didn't last the transfer. I think I may not have allowed them to grow long enough before transferring them. I am planning on us starting round two of plants from seeds very shortly.

* I went on a girls trip to San Francisco this past weekend with five of my friends. It was equally fun and exhausting. You can see some pictures instagram pictures (that I am shamelessly stealing from said friends) here, here and here. I laughed so much on that jeep ride home (see last picture) from our other friend's house. We were shoved in there with shopping bags covering all of us, holding them down in the wind. It made for an epically fun end to our trip.

* I filled my computer so full, it froze. I had obviously frustrated because how was I supposed to delete anything with it frozen?! And it displayed the warning message to me seconds before freezing. Grrr! Thankfully, restarting it allowed me to get back on and delete some things.

* I still read the newspaper every day. My friends make fun of me for it, but it's something I've been doing since high school. Newspapers always have interesting articles that you juts don't see in online news.

* We are having a bunch of backyard work done. While I am glad it's outside and not in the house, I have been reminded how much time the kids and I actually spend out there given that we really can't go our there because the whole thing is a construction zone. It will be stellar when it's all done though…and I will be sure to share pictures.

This week I am excited to be busy with mother's day tea parties in both kids classes. In fact, I'm kind of giddy about that. And Connor still has tball games two days a week (Monday evenings and Saturday mornings). Add on playing with friends and being outside to enjoy as much of this spring weather as possible. It's a good week.

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  1. Although your blogging is missed, it is all for good reasons!


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