Connor's Last Week of Preschool

It's weird to me that Connor's time at preschool has already come to an end. Sure, it was just for two years. But it has been a significant time of growth for us. I remember how nervous I was two years ago about leaving Connor with total and complete strangers for two mornings a week. How would he do? What if something happened? Would his teachers be able to get a hold of me? Would he make friends? Would he get in trouble? Would he enjoy himself?

Low and behold, preschool was Connor's jam. He is such a social guy and loves being around other kids. His teachers his first year were the most loving and kind teachers ever. They are three ladies that have been teaching together for more than a decade. They are true friends of each other and it is so fun to watch them walk into the school together, chatting away. I digress. These teachers made me feel so comfortable and eased all my fears. It was even one of those teachers that convinced me to start Isla a year earlier than I started Connor.

Then this year, Connor has learned and grown so much. His teachers are equally as amazing this year, but different than last. They are fun. They are encouraging. They never seem to bat an eye and Connor's ball of energy self. They taught him how to write. They laugh with me at his quirks. They truly seem to love and enjoy him.

The idea of leaving such a nurturing and loving environment is hard for me. It's sad and scary because it is all we have known. And, though Connor is super excited about kindergarden, he also has a lot of questions. Will there be snack time? We have discussed this one a lot lately and I told him he will have to learn to eat a really big breakfast and that I will let him eat as soon as he gets home. What about show and tell? I don't know. And he doesn't like that answer because "how can there not be show and tell?!"

The last two years have been so incredibly awesome, both for Connor and for me. I know next year will be great. But I think of what preschool is like and think that will certainly be hard to beat.

P.S. Isla will be in the class Connor is currently in next year, so I don't have to say goodbye to those teachers yet. But I have joked (but kind of seriously) that I am signing myself up for the younger class so I don't have to leave those teachers behind quite yet. 

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