Mother's Day Tea Party with Connor

On Friday was my mother's day tea party in Connor's class. It was a pirate theme, complete with a cute pirate song about moms. Going along with the theme, we each got a "treasure chest" with a bracelet made by our kid inside. It was a very sweet touch and I think I will be keeping that little box for years and years to come.

Connor's tea party started out with the kids singing three songs. Then they dismissed the kids to escort us to our seats. We had crowns decorated by our kids waiting for us to wear. After I opened my present, I put my bracelet on, but Connor made me take it back off and wrap it up in the box. We chowed down on a bunch of food and stayed well past when school was supposed to be out. I love times like this, special one on one time I have with just one kid. It really does mean a lot to me.

^^ I would like to point out that most of the boxes were not as nicely decorated as mine. Show's how type a Connor is when all the jewels lined up and on most the boxes, they were just thrown all over the place.  

^^ I love this picture of me and Connor. Sure I may be squinting for some odd reason, but it was just such a fun and good time with my little boy. 

It's so weird for me to realize that Connor's preschool journey is just about over. I have had such a great time having him at this school. I know that next year he won't get to do many of the things he so enjoys about preschool (show and tell, snack time, cool toys to play with, etc.), so I am glad he at least got to experience it for two years. And I guess after both kids are out of preschool, I will make Ian start throwing mother's day tea parties for me!

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  1. Wow - your kids have the most kickass mother's day tea parties ever!


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