The Last Day of School

It's so weird that it's already the end of the school year. I swear this year flew by. It seems like just a couple weeks ago that the kids were starting school. Yet, I look at those pictures from then and can't believe how much they have grown.

Connor finally realized on Tuesday night that preschool was over and I could tell he was bummed. He thought that they were just taking a little break, then that he would go back again before kindergarden starts in the fall. He loves his teachers so much (and so do I). I'm so glad I didn't do something crazy like stand in the middle of his classroom sobbing and clinging on to one of the teachers. But, he certainly talked the ear off of his favorite teacher and I could tell really didn't want to leave. He told me on Tuesday about that teacher, "I just love her so much." He still gets to see all of his teachers again tonight for his graduation, so that's good. Plus, kindergarden gets out before preschool, so he will always be with me when I pick Isla up from school next year.

Just like at the beginning of the year, Connor wants to be a police officer. He actually specifically said a "swamp police officer". Though I know sometimes he talks about being a "country" police officer. And he always says he wants to be a night time police officer.

Unlike Connor, Isla didn't care much that it was her last day of school. Though, she was really excited to give her teachers their gifts and unwrapped them for each of them! And, well, Isla has high hopes of being Elsa when she grows up. That actually cracks me up because we literally haven't watched Frozen in a couple months, but Isla is still pretty dang obsessed with Elsa. Isla had her little graduation ceremony and pizza party right after school yesterday. She had fun playing and running around with her friends. But I will talk more about that later, as I think I am going to post about both kids "graduations" together.

Now that the last day of school is behind us, we can work on getting our summer on! I am imagining some pretty blissful mornings in our pjs over the next few days…if only the kids would sleep in so I could too! Wishful thinking.

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