The First Day of School - times two!!!

You would think one decent picture of each kid would suffice on the first day of school. Alas, I am me and my mission in life is to document every moment in pictures. So there you have it. The important pictures to me are the ones of them holding the signs. It's an easy way to watch them change over the years. Plus, I know eventually they will no longer let me take pictures of them at school, but I will always be able to force them to take pictures at home before they leave for school! 


Connor was the first to be dropped off. I figured he would be the easiest as he has really been looking forward to school. As soon as his class opened, he ran in and started playing. We said goodbye to him and he really didn't look back at us.

^^ Connor went and played with the very toy he said was his favorite at orientation. 

Next up was Isla. I was a little nervous how she would do. She has been really weird about going into daycare at the gym or nursery at church lately, so I expected a little drama. Turns out, I shouldn't have. We were all lined up waiting to go in her classroom and as soon as the teacher opened the door, she ran past the line and into her class. She used to do that with Connor, so I think it helped that she is very familiar with the class. By the time we got in her room to sign her in, she had already deposited her Tabby Cat in the show and tell bin (which I thought would be drama trying to pry out of her hands), had her name tag on and was off playing.

After a morning to myself (say what?!), I went to get the kids. I decided to go for Isla first, anxious to see how she did. As soon as I walked in her classroom, she came running, yelling, "MOMMY, I PAINTED!" She was so excited and I in turn was really excited for her. 

^^ Isla and her little painting

Connor, on the other hand, did not come running to me and more had to be drug from the classroom. I love you too, buddy. I got from him that it was someone's birthday, so they got a cookie and juice. Also,  that there were two boys from his class last year (there is way more than that from his class last year, but that's ok). He seemed to have a really good time. 

^^ Connor was purposely closing his eyes for the picture, but I caught him peeking! 

It was a good morning for everyone. Now it's time for me to get used to regularly setting an alarm again and getting back into a morning routine of sorts. 

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  1. Sounds like a double win. Triple win if you count the adorable pictures.

  2. haha, I love Isla's "when I grow up" sign! Looks like she's all grown up already. ;)

    I love to hear kids' accounts of their days... so many pieces of information that doesn't quite fit together...


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