They CAN Play Together!

My kids have never been exactly what you would describe as loving siblings. And usually when I hear other moms bragging about how their kids are best friends or how loving and kind the older sibling is toward the younger, it elicits one of two responses - me wanting to vomit in the corner (because we all know those statements aren't true) or me wanting to lie to the other moms face and act as if my two sweet angels are also best friends that never fight.

Now I am all for talking my kids up. The thing is, sometimes we talk our kids up so much, it is as if we are trying to convince ourselves of the very thing we are saying. That is why I am all for the moms that will just be honest and admit that their kids fight. And, if yours don't, maybe you are just better than me (because God knows my brothers and I beat the crap out of each other growing up) and my kids. Unless you had a girl first. Girls are lovers and helpers, not the fighters that I have discovered boys to be...but sisters still fight, just not the same as a brother.

But, a corner has turned. My kids can now play together for like 10 minutes without fighting. Those 10 minutes are literally like slices of heaven to my mama heart. Watching them play, interact and even make each other laugh is just oh-so-amazing...even if it does end in a fight.

Hopefully this budding relationship will continue and by their teen years, they will be conspiring with each other, trying to hide things from mom and dad...or threatening each other for silence. Aww, siblings. They are the best, aren't they?!

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  1. I am 16.5 months older than my brother and we still beat the crap out of each other. I don't even think me being older saved us!


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