Princess Isla

I've always been shocked at just how girly Isla can be. But recently, princess Isla has been born. I don't even know where she learned about princesses, as she has never seen any sort of princess movie. Maybe it is just in her dna. But, she saw a dress up dress and said "Mama, dress me like a princess." Boy are we in trouble!!!

The other day, we took the kids shoe shopping and it was quite the interesting experience. Connor wanted nothing to do with the experience. Isla, on the other hand, was living it up. As soon as we walked in the store, Isla made a bee line for the most ridiculous sparkly light up shoe on display. She grabbed it, went to a worker and said "I want this one." Yeah, it was cute and ridiculous all at the same time. But, she got her way and walked out with the most ridiculous sparkly light up shoes. We went into a couple more stores, then went to leave the mall. Isla started crying and fell to the floor. I picked her up and asked her what was wrong. She cried, "I WANT TO SHOP! I WANT TO SHOP!" Princess Isla indeed!

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  1. As one tomboy to another, I don't know what I'll do if I have a girly girl daughter like Isla! It certainly helps that she looks pretty darn adorable in that princess dress... though I also know that doesn't help during a mall meltdown!

    1. I'm pretty sure this is God's sense of humor, giving me a girly girl when I totally am not one!


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