See You Later, Lazy Mornings

It's no secret that I'm not a morning person. I never have been. It takes me daaays to wake up in the morning. When I worked in an office, people knew to give me my space for the first hour or so. And, luckily, my kids have mostly gone along with this. Neither of them are the kids that wakes up at 5:30 for the day...they probably know mommy would die

Besides not getting up early, I just enjoy lazy mornings. I enjoy reading the newspaper while drinking a cup of coffee. The kids seem to play the best by themselves in the morning. When we have nothing going on, you won't find us dressed and ready to leave the house until almost noon.

But, school started last week, so that all must come to an end. Preschool starts at 9am. By no means is that early. But, to Jessica, that is early. I have to cut all the "fluff" out of my mornings and focus on the essentials - clothing the kids (and myself) and breakfast. I take my coffee to go.

Those lazy mornings will still creep in every once in a while. And I will be thankful for them. I will be thankful for the playful imaginations I get to watch at work. I will be thankful for the cup of coffee in a mug instead of a tumbler. I will be thankful for reading the paper...or at least the parts that I want. Summer spoiled me. But, its end also made me realize just how good I had it.

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