Isla Said What?!? {one}

Isla is talking so well now and is at the point that she is constantly saying funny things. Sure, she doesn't mean them to be funny. But the things kids say when they are just observing life are pretty dang funny. So here you go, the first installment of Isla said what?!?

I don't have a big nose, I have a tiny nose. 

Throwing her head and ponytail from side to side, "That make me so happy."

That is what I am talking about. 

The sun was in her eyes, "Stop, sun, stop!!!.....The sun is burning my eyes."

You have big boobies. I have little boobies. 

We don't want to sleep mama, we just want to little relax. 

Isla: "Where are my tap shoes mama?"
Me: You don't have any
Isla: "Awwww"

Oh no! Our car is all wet. We need to clean it. We need to clean it Mama. 

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  1. awwww....i like the term "little relax". I'm pretty good at it too.


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