Quite the Character

Last year, when Connor came home with these shoes, I was mortified. Not only are they crazy bright and tacky, but they LIGHT UP. Just not my style at all. But, they made Connor happy. Oh-so-very-happy. He wore them until he could no longer squeeze his feet in without them hurting...which was just a couple weeks ago. And he actually squeezed his feet in a few times while they did hurt, but stubbornly didn't want to wear other shoes.

The ironic thing about these shoes is that they opened the door wide to Connor choosing what he wants to wear. It started with these shoes. Then came the minion shirts, which never seem to come off his body. And, he just seems to have an affinity for wearing really, um, tacky things. It's almost funny. Now that I think about it, loud clothing must just be his thing.

Gone are the days that I can dress Connor in polo shirts with a v-neck cardigan on top. In fact, if I want him to wear anything other than a minion shirt, I have to prep him for days. Still, he will ask for his minion shirt on the day of. This morning, as he was getting dressed, he came and told me I had obviously put the wrong shirt out because it was just a plain shirt and he didn't want to wear a plain shirt. Now, it wasn't just a plain shirt, but it didn't have anything crazy going on, so plain in Connor's book.

All this to say, it's funny how we will change to allow our children be themselves. As time goes on, I have gotten more and more ok with Connor wearing clothing that wouldn't be my first choice. Why is it ok? Because he is his own person and I get wanting to be proud of your outfit. So, my son, wear whatever crazy minion shirt you want. But, I do draw the line at shirts that have ridiculous sayings on them. Because, mama has to draw the line somewhere!

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  1. uhm - totally. If I could micromanage my kids' wardrobes until they are college, I'd be ecstatic, but the truth is, the minute they want to speak their minds, I'm going to let them....minion shirts and all.


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