From the Mouth of Connor {eight}

This kid! I tell you, he always has something to say. Then, there are the things he asks questions about. Sometimes they are so in-depth, or just things I don't ever think about, and they leave me stumped. Some of the things he says, I wonder where he picked it up. Other times, I guiltily know right where he learned it. That Connor, he is a cute kid with A LOT to say. Here are some of his recent funnies.

Are you kidding me?!

Cause that's how the cookie crumbles. 

That will take forever...that will take until I die. 

Stop playing with me sissy! I want to be lonely. 

Don't make Connor sad. 

Looking at Isla's poop, "Wow! She must have ate a ginormous food to make that big of a poop."

I have 10,000 energy. I'm never going to calm down until I get to Jesus. 

I not kidding. 

Why does McDonald's make food that is bad for you?

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  1. Hahahaha - these are all great. "Stop playing with me sissy! I want to be lonely." That one is my favorite though.

  2. I know where he got the McDonalds one!


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