Still Summer

I keep hearing people brag (or lament) about the changing of the season...summer giving way to fall. While, here in central California, we are still enjoying? solid summer temps. Besides kids going back to school, there is no sign of fall coming. I even drove past my favorite pumpkin patch yesterday and saw no sign of them starting to set up. Definitely still summer! But, I know, all too soon, my neighborhood will be covered in leaves. Shorts will give way to jeans, short sleeve shirts to long sleeve. Warm crock pot meals will fill our bellies. The bun warmers in my car will become my best friend.

Not so long ago, I wasn't a fan of fall. I am a summer girl through and through. I love long, summer days. I love being outside. I love tank tops and sandals. Spring was my second favorite season, because, well, it was just before summer! It brings hope that summer is coming. So, fall was my least favorite, because it ended summer and took it all away from me. But, somewhere along the line, that changed.

Maybe it is because both my babies were born in the fall. Or maybe it is because I love pumpkin patches so much. But, fall has really become a great season for me. So, though I love summer and will happily allow it to stay around a bit longer, I get a pang of jealously every time I see someone talk about fall coming to their area. Soon, it will be my turn to brag.

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  1. I just wrote about this too. Summer is still my favorite but I have a new appreciation for fall. Although, we never actually get a fall weather around here. Every year I hope that maybe, by some miracle, we will get crisp air and I'll be able to rock boots in early October rather than shorts to the pumpkin patch. It hasn't happened it. Maybe this year....

  2. Autumn had me at crockpot meals. Yum.


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