Preschool Open House

We had both kids classroom open house on Monday evening. Not only do I do the drop off/pick up shuffle every day, but we also had the opportunity to do the open house shuffle as well, as both theirs were at the same time. Lucky for us, with the classrooms jam packed with other families, it isn't exactly a place that you want to hang out for a while anyway.

We started with Isla's class. We were given a list of things in her class she was supposed to show us. She did, but was more excited about taking home her art work than showing us the classroom. Whereas, Connor wanted to show us all the toys he got to play with last year in that class!

^^ Isla's beautiful creation is the bottom jellyfish. The girl loves to do arts and crafts and is always so proud of her creations. 

Next we hit up Connor's classroom which seemed really busy and chaotic. And, on top of that, Connor became super hyper as soon as we got to his class. He was running around, jumping all over the place and we couldn't keep up. After he showed us a list of things, he got to get a sticker from one of his teachers. That was literally the only time he calmed down and got serious. Apparently the kid likes rewards ;)

I am a sucker for all the art the kids come home with. I love having it adorn my walls. And it's fun to see the kids in their element for a bit. Of course, their favorite part was the cookies afterward and chasing their friends around all sugared up from the cookies!

I totally didn't plan it, but Connor was wearing the exact same shirt as he did to his open house last year! And we took separate pictures with the kids because they will have separate photo books of their year at preschool...and I totally planned ahead and thought of separate pictures. Kind of anal, I know.

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  1. I love the mom/dad/kid pictures! :) You all look so happy!

  2. So cute! Connor's smile in the parent picture is the best!


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