Preschool Open House

^^ Can I just say it freaks me out a little how grown up Connor looks in this picture?!

Connor had his preschool open house this week. Preschool open house folks! Talk about a cuteness overload. And, well, having never been to one before, I wasn't fully sure what to expect. When we walked in, one of Connor's teachers (he has 3 for a class of 18 students) gave us a checklist. Basically it was a list of things in the classroom we were to have Connor show us. Connor was running around the classroom so quickly, not to mention under and around people, that it was next to impossible for us to keep up.

^^ This particular craft project was made the first day of school and Connor has wanted to take it home since then. It wasn't a project they could take home on open house night, so it will continue to torture him! 

Connor was all sorts of excited to be able to show off his classroom to his grandparents (both sets came). He had been talking about it for days before. They had made crafts a couple weeks ago for open house and he didn't understand why he couldn't take them home and would ask to take them home every day at school. He was able to take most of them home at open house.

I have to admit, open house was a tad bit (or maybe a lot) crazy, so Connor actually telling anyone anything about his class at that moment didn't happen. But, guess what Connor's favorite part of open house was? Showing everyone the playground!

^^ Connor with Ian's parents (Papa and Grammy)

^^ Connor with my parents (Papa and Memaw) this point he had so much energy, he would not stay still for a millisecond 

Ever since open house, Connor constantly asks me, "When will it be closed house?" It's cute. 

I still can't believe I have a preschooler, but am secretly excited that we still have two years together before he starts real school. Being apart five days a week just seems like so much. Now that I think about it, maybe preschool is more for the parents than the kids!  

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