Too Much!

Though Connor starting preschool is weird and hard for me, it isn't too hard. It more is the realization that I am giving up control of my child. Up until this point of his life, I have controlled (or tried to!) what he does, who with and when. Now for 6 hours a week, someone else will be doing this. Kind of weird. 

But the kicker was the night before Connor started preschool, I found Isla out of her crib. 

She climbed out of her crib people!!! She isn't even two. She also grabbed a blanket out of the dirty clothes hamper to snuggle with, but you know. Oh, and she is using her rug as a blanket too. She does it all the time.

And next week Isla will be the same age Connor was when I gave birth to her. These kids are getting all sorts of grown up on me. And to be honest, I thought I would be pregnant again by now. Alright God, I'm trusting you know what's right for my family! But that just adds to the emotions I am feeling. If I was a crying woman, I would probably be crying this week. Alas, I am not.

Instead, I will try not to mope around thinking about my kids getting all grown up on me because the reality is, I totally did it to my mom too. Sorry about that mom! 


  1. "Alright God, I'm trusting you know what's right for my family!" Ugh... this one is so hard. I just have to keep telling it to myself over and over. I know it to be true, but still so hard.

    1. I wanted to comment on the same part of the post. I didn't know you guys were trying again (good too, that's kind of personal info!) but I'm sorry it's been a struggle, emotional or otherwise. I hope God will give you opportunities to enjoy the two kids you have, and give you peace & acceptance about what is to come.

    2. I'm glad you are my friend Brittany and know you have been in the same place. I remember how excited I was when I found out you were expecting E and can't wait until that is me.


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