Holding on to Summer

I used to think summer was my favorite season. I think it had to do with no school, staying up late and playing in the pool. Now don't get me wrong, I still love summer. Now a days it is because of things like the hubby not working until all hours of the night, bbqs, the sun staying up in the sky longer, the kids playing in their kiddie pool, things like that. But if I now had to pick a favorite season it would be spring, with fall coming in a close second. Those seasons don't have the heat that summer does.

And even though I get excited for fall because of the leaves and the pumpkin patch, I also feel a sadness in my soul. I am not huge on winter and it doesn't have to do with the cold so much. It more has to do with the short days and the hubby working more. Of course, there is some rain and well, I like rain.

Since there are technically 4 days left of summer, I am going to live it up all I can. Hello popsicles, playing out outside and enjoying the sun. Because you know what? Even though I don't like the winter, I sure do like the fall. So here's to enjoying every last bit of summer left and then fulling embracing fall!

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