Connor's First Day of Preschool

Connor had his first day of preschool this morning. Honestly, going into it, I wasn't sure how it would go. After his preview day last week, in which I stayed the whole time, he kept saying he wanted me to stay. But I kept talking about him getting to hang out with his friends without me and how fun it would be.

 ^^ Here's my birthday boy (the hubby, that is) celebrating his birthday and his first born's first day of preschool.

When we got to school, Connor seemed excited. Actually, "excited" seems like an understatement. The kid was running around like a crazy person and hyping up all the other kids waiting to go in the classroom. Sorry about that teachers.

He particularly latched on to a little boy in an angry birds shirt. But I am pretty sure Connor was just obsessed with the little kid's shirt. In fact, the shirt was all he could talk about after I picked him up. I kid you not, it was ALL HE TALKED ABOUT. I guess he liked the shirt.

So, we got Connor in his class and he went to town playing. So did Isla. So, that was a little drama when we went to leave. We had to remove her kicking and screaming. But Connor? He didn't seem to care. He barely stopped playing long enough to give Ian a quick hug and he certainly didn't watch us leave. I did turn around to snap one last picture of him before I left.

When I came back to pick Connor up, he saw me as I walked into his classroom and came running to me. It made this mama's heart happy that he was so excited to see me because that certainly isn't always the case. Then he got to go to his cubby and grab his crafts for the day. 

And really, all I know about Connor's three hours away from me today is he made a fishy (which apparently is going to be wall art in the classroom) and there is a kid with an angry birds shirt in his class (that shirt REALLY impressed him). 

So that's it. My little boy is all grown up, is in school and doesn't need his mama anymore. Pardon me while I go cry in the corner... 

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  1. Looks like you need to go buy an angry birds shirt for your big boy. HAHAHAH!


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