My Little Conductor

This little boy of mine is changing right before my eyes. And they are always slow and small changes that I seem to not notice and then one day they hit me like a ton of bricks. It's just like how I don't notice him growing taller until I see him standing next to what used to be his way taller friend and they aren't taller anymore. Or him putting on his jeans that are now high waters. Slow and steady and then BAM!

It's crazy to watch the evolution process we call growing up. I have watched as Connor's obsessions have become knowledge. More knowledge on random subjects than most adults would know. Just ask him about trains. He knows all the technical terms. And road signs? That kid notices road signs I have never noticed before. And from asking, he now knows what they mean.

And then there is his personality. This little boy is overflowing with personality. He said something sarcastic the other day and it totally caught me off guard. Sure, I shouldn't have been surprised. I mean, come on, he has two very sarcastic parents! But still, he isn't even four and GETS sarcasm! And he totally tries to work his charm to get his way at all times. But don't you worry, he doesn't always get his way. And when he doesn't, he is sure to let me know he isn't pleased. But we are working on know, learning how to control ourselves. 

The memory on this kid is amazing. He will all the sudden start talking about something that happened a year ago. And since he refers to anything that happened in the past as "yesterday", he throws people off a bit with his stories. And the detail he remembers is amazing. 

Recently Connor grasped the concept that he was once a baby. This has lead to him wanting to see the stuff from when he was a baby a lot. Pulling out that stuff and seeing how small his little hospital band was amazed me. And I can remember that band falling off because they didn't get it tight enough! And the thing is so dang small! Now he asks me things like, "When will I be one again?" It's philosophical questions like this that Connor doesn't mean to be philosophical, but they always get me thinking. It's weird for me to have to say, "Well, you will never be one again." But it is also good. It reminds me that every day is a day we will never get to go back to again. Not only do I want to live each day to its best, but I want my kids to enjoy every single last minute of their childhood because they will never get to go back to these days again. 

Look at me, always getting sappy! 


  1. I just saw your comment about the lens!!! I have been MIA from my blog and I have 'comment approval' turned on so it wasn't published yet blah blah blah. Are these amazing photos with your new lens? Do you love it?! He's getting so ginormous!

    1. Yes, these are with my new lens. I'm not sure if it was the light, the new lens or a combo of the two, but after I took these pictures I was completely in love with the lens.


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