Life is always an adventure with these two! Isla now thinks she is too grown up for the seat in the cart and wants to sit in the basket. And well, Connor apparently decided the bottom of the cart would be a good place for him. In case you are wondering, he did good on the bottom of the cart for about 3 minutes, then it all went down hill from there!

This week:

  • I have instituted a quiet time for Connor during Isla's nap time. It is going relatively well, though he constantly thinks he is being punished and says "I'm sorry...now can I come out of my room?"
  • Isla was playing with my phone on the way home from the store the other day and took 91 pictures of the back of the seat. In her defense, some included her foot and some included a side profile of me driving. 
  • With the whole preschool thing, it now makes just staying at home on the non-preschool days feel so decadent. 
  • Speaking of preschool, when we ask Connor if he has to go the bathroom, he has taken to saying "It's okay, I'll hold it until preschool." And we aren't talking about the morning before preschool! Crazy kid. 
  • I made a couple crockpot meals this week and was once again reminded why I love my crockpot. That thing rocks! And it makes clean up a breeze. And in case you are looking for crockpot inspiration (I know I always am), I made a roast and veggies one day and cheesy ham and potatoes another. 

I am enjoying some "cooler" weather (you know, something that isn't the triple digits) and family time this weekend. I hope you have a great weekend too!


  1. I'm in love with your dress! So light and fun.

    I love my crockpot too, especially for roasts. But I have a tough time cleaning it. Any tips?

  2. Funny thing about that dress, I got it years ago. Once I almost got rid of it, then I seemed to fall back in love with it again.

    As for cleaning my crock pot, I don't seem to have a hard time cleaning mine. I will soak it overnight if things are sticking bad. Your inside is removable, right? I know there are liners you can buy to use to make cleanup a breeze, but I have never used them before.


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