Camping {6 pictures, 6 things}

As I mentioned in my last post, we just got back from four days of camping on the coast (New Brighton State Beach, to be exact). That camping trip left me pretty dang exhausted. My friend Anna always makes camping with kids look so easy, but this time was very hard and draining for me. That's not to say that there weren't good times to be had. It was just an exhausting trip.

 1. Connor was afraid of the camp fire and didn't want to be near it. He even moved his chair way far away from the fire pit, as seen in one of the above photos. My poor kid and his fears. 

2. Both the kids were crazy into marshmallows. And Connor finally enjoyed a smore (he usually refuses them because of the marshmallow getting on his hands) and referred to them as a "sandwich".

3. We drove around every evening to put the kids to sleep, then came back and slipped them into their sleeping bags. This came about after a disastrous first evening of trying to get the kids to sleep. 

4. We shared our campsite with five raccoons that never left us alone. I have to admit, as annoying as those things are, they really have a cool little thing going with the black "eye mask". 

5. The nights were loooong with Isla waking numerous times and the raccoons rattling our food locker constantly, but coffee at the campfire in the morning helped redeem those long nights. 

6. Connor literally woke with the sun each morning. One morning as I was walking him to the bathroom and trying to keep him quiet he said "Why are people still asleep mommy? The sun is out, it's morning!" (Cue Joey's "morning's here" song from Friends in my head). 

We did a lot more than just hang out at our campsite while gone. I will be sharing more as the week progresses...and I sort through all 850 pictures I took. 


  1. oh man...camping with kids sounds fun in theory...but yikes, i dunno know if i could do it!

  2. The first two pictures are beautiful. Isla - look at her eyes and the colors of her hat! Connor - he just looks so cute.


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