From the Mouth of Connor {three}

Loudly, in a stinky public restroom, Connor exclaimed, "Mama, who pooped and made it stink?"

Riley eat me, then got to Papa and Memaw's, poop me out and I stay there forever.
  ** Riley is Papa and Memaw's dog

I have little hair here and here (points at arms), but I have big hair on my head.

After I gave Connor a piece of gum:
Connor: Daddy would not be happy I have gum. 
Me: Should I call and tell him?
Connor: No, He will just not be happy when he comes home. 

When I get bigger, I'm going to work at the gym and teach sissy how to swim all by herself.
  **Says the kid who hates getting in the pool!

Playing with my nose ring:
Connor: Does it keep your nose from getting boogies?
Me: No, just makes my nose look pretty. 
Connor: NOOOOO!!!

I like M&M's. They are goooood for my tummy. 

And one of Connor's new favorite things to say to me pretty much every time he gets in trouble:
I want you to stop saying that to me! 

That kid! He's always keeping me on my toes.

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