So this picture was from Wednesday. It was the morning Connor started preschool. I still can't believe I have a preschooler. Oh how life just flies by!

This week:

  • Thankfully Isla has stopped climbing out of her crib as quickly as she started. I talked to her and told her she shouldn't do it. Perhaps she listened?!
  • I almost ran out of gas and literally gave myself an ulcer trying to get to a gas station. Why do I do that to myself?!
  • Having a curious and crafty boy made for a night spent in the ER. Don't worry, he was given a stuffed animal (from the hospital worker he "liked very much") for the pain suffered and will be fine. Connor burned himself in a situation that only the most crafty of toddlers could get themselves in, in case you were wondering. 

It's been a big week full of new things for our family. I am looking forward to a more "normal" week next week. 

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