Fall Decor

In the past I have considered myself not one to decorate for the seasons. But I have slowly amassed decor for various seasons based on craft projects with friends and a couple things I attempted to do myself. 

And I have to admit, pulling out my fall decor made me pretty dang happy. All the orange and pumpkin goodness has me excited for my first pumpkin patch trip of the season...maybe this week?

This was a craft project I did with friends. It was a show up and paint it type of situation where everything was already provided. In my opinion, that's the best type of situation ;) And  I like saying that I "made" it. 

These little pumpkin candles are from my Pottery Barn days. You probably didn't know this, but I worked at Pottery Barn for 3 years. And I spent WAY MORE than I made there while working there. It was a sickness really. 

The wreath was a project I took on toward the end of my pregnancy with Isla. I still remember sitting in front of the tv making it. I was inspired by a friend on Facebook. And I in turn inspired another friend to make one. That is probably the first and only time I have ever inspired someone in a crafty manner! 

This lantern has been sitting empty on my porch for a while now. I figured a candle would only last a day given that it gets direct sunlight all day long. So it has remained empty. Then I randomly picked up some mini pumpkins and gourds the other day, not knowing what I was going to do with them. As I walked in the house, I caught a glimpse of the lantern and in the lantern my pumpkins and gourds went. The next day, my mom said she saw the exact same idea on pinterest. If only I had done it earlier...I could have been a pinterest sensation! 

This little lantern/jar was another craft project with friends. My MOPS group made them last year. I like it. And when we have company over (and I remember to do so), I actually light a candle in it. Fancy, I know! 

Now I am feeling inspired. Like maybe I should go buy more mini pumpkins and gourds and put them all over my house. Aww, fall. I am glad you are here...even if it means the days are shorter and winter is right around the corner. 

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  1. Looks great! I'm a huge fan of filling jars with holiday/seasonal items. It is easy and looks amazing!


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