Nap Time

Over the past weeks, nap time in our house has changed. If you showed up at my house around 1:30pm, this is what you would find:

Lately, there is only a 50/50 chance that Isla will actually sleep during nap time. The rest of the time, she just chills in her crib. She doesn't cry. I just hear her talking away...or kicking the wall. Many times when I check in on her, she is even laying down. The only problem with her not sleeping during nap time is by dinner, she is less than cooperative with life and starts melting down.

When Connor started preschool, I instituted a quiet time for him. My original hope was that he would possibly sleep after a fun morning at school. Six weeks in and that has yet to happen. BUT, he has fully embraced quiet time. After lunch, I put Isla down for her nap and set a timer in Connor's room for a hour and he can do whatever he wants in his room. Most of the time, every single toy in his room is taken out during this time. Sometimes he will lay down. But never does he sleep. I am really happy with this quiet time. Not only because it gives me a break, but because it gives Connor a designated time every day to play by himself, without distraction. It has worked so well, we even do it on the weekend.

As for me, I spend my free hour trying to catch up on things that are important to me - blogging, spray painting things, reading and sometimes even cleaning the house.


  1. I hate when they start to drop that nap because of the melt downs later. Hopefully she adjust quickly, or just starts napping again! :)

    & way to go Connor!

  2. I love the idea of quiet time. I will definitely institute that when Taylor starts saying no to naps.

  3. I will DEFINITELY be having quiet time with my kids. I do it already with my students - they're too old to take a nap, but it's a time when they need to be doing something a) quiet and b) by themselves. It's only 20 minutes or so, but a necessity of the day. I think kids need a mental break as much as adults do!


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