I'm out of town and forgot the cord to my camera. I hate when I forget something that I would consider essential. And I am sure that I will break down tomorrow and go buy another one because don't you want to see this adorable picture in it's real glory and not just a phone picture of my camera screen?!

This week:

  • When driving 340 miles with Isla the other day, it occurred to me over the span of a week, Isla and I will clock over 1300 miles in the car together. I sure hope her car seat is comfortable! 
  • In case you were wondering, I am driving to Arizona and back. And my mom will be with me on the Los Angeles-Arizona leg(s). 
  • I have been noticing Isla purposely puts pieces of her hair in her mouth and sucks on it. As weird as I want to think that is, I totally remember sucking on the end of my braid as a kid...maybe I should keep that to myself?
  • I took Connor to a park and discovered it was actually a workout "park" and not a park at all. Surprisingly Connor had an amazing time playing with all the workout equipment and didn't want to leave. 
  • I bought the kids "share" Christmas present this weekend off craigslist and got it for half of what I was hoping to spend. Score! 

Now I'm off to stare at the amazing view of the downtown LA skyline my parents have...


  1. I love your weekly picture and update. Isla's smile in this looks so big, can't wait to see the real picture. Good luck with all that driving!

  2. Wow - Isla is one awesome travel buddy. I'm impressed.


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