Because Fall Weather Has Finally Arrived

And because the in laws got me a new scarf...

I am gone for a week and come home to fall. It is pretty amazing actually. My lawn is covered in yellow leaves. And I can actually get away with wearing a long sleeve shirt all day without overheating.

And my in laws got me this totally adorable scarf while they were on vacation. And I now forgive them for not taking me with them on their fabulous vacation. But, I have to say, the scarf meant a lot to me. My MIL remembered that I have been wanting an infinity scarf...she made me one last year, but it turned out more Isla's size than mine. But this one, oh it's so pretty. I am going to be wearing it a lot this winter.

Shirt: JCrew (super old)
Scarf: Anthropologie (from the in laws)
Jeans: Madewell
Shoes: Old Navy

On a side note, I too am in shock that I am not wearing my Toms (because, well, that is pretty much all I ever wear). However, I just got home last night after being gone for a week and couldn't locate any of those little tiny socks I was raving about, so no Toms today. But I do love these Old Navy ballet flats. They are actually my second pair (the first pair looked identical). I liked them so much, when I wore out the first ones, I got another pair. I am one of those people that finds something I like and sticks with it.

Now I am off to unpack and tackle the laundry that is overtaking my house...


  1. You looked so cute today!! ::creepy wave:: :)

  2. That scarf is lovely! Infinity scarves are the best, and it's such a pretty color too.

  3. Love that scarf, it is super cute. I have definitely discovered the love of infinity scarves! They don't fall off, although when Eisley pulls on it and it chokes me! ha.


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