Making Memories {embrace the camera}

Yesterday Isla and I had this amazingly fun time in the backyard. Why wasn't Connor included? Well, he is once again going through a dog fearing stage and doesn't want to be in the back yard. But, Isla and I, we lived it up.

We started with bubbles. Isla has a bit of a stubborn streak about her. She wanted to do the bubbles all by herself, but couldn't. At first she couldn't get the bubble wand out of the bottle, but after watching me do it a couple times, quickly caught on.

But no matter how many times she tried, she just couldn't blow bubbles. I think it has something to do with the space between the bubble wand and her mouth, but she didn't want to listen to me. Every couple minutes, she would let me blow her bubbles force the bubble wand into my hand, signifying she wanted me to blow bubbles.

We really did have a good time together. But I have to admit, my favorite time in the backyard with Isla has no photo evidence. Isla crawled into my lap and we swung together. Normally she isn't a fan of swinging with me, but yesterday she was.

For a bit, she hung on to the swing and had the largest smile on her face. She even made a few "weeeee" noises for me when we really got going. Then, as we went higher, she let go of the swing and wrapped her hands around my body and squished her face to my chest. It was the BEST FEELING EVER.

At first I thought she might be afraid and started to slow down, but she responded with a "more swing", so back up we went. We spent about half an hour on the swing because between those tiny little arms tightly wrapped around me and the huge smiles I was getting, I literally couldn't get enough.

At one point I even wished I had a personal photographer to follow me around and take pictures of special times like that...or at least if my eyes were a camera because what I was seeing was just so beautiful. Those smiles, those squeals of was amazing. It's times like that that give me the fuel to get through the temper tantrums, food throwing and door slamming. Because moments like that, are just so beautiful, amazing, perfect.

After having our little backyard adventure, I noticed my friend Anna post about Embrace the Camera and their theme for yesterday was "making memories". Even though I am a day late, I couldn't help but share the amazing memory that Isla and I made yesterday.


  1. So, so, so sweet! I love your description of swinging together. I can picture her cute little face "wee-ing" and loving her time with her Mama.

  2. I love the pictures of the two of you blowing bubbles and the story of the swing. Such sweetness. I'm glad you have a blog, to preserve these memories!


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