Oh Pride...

Please don't complement me on my parenting or on the behavior of my children because the results will be disasterous for me. 

Last week I had Isla's 2 year check up. In the middle of Isla rolling around on the office floor, the doctor starts tooting my horn about what an amazing mother I am. And you bet I ATE IT RIGHT UP. I walked out of that office feeling pretty dang good about myself. Two hours later, when I went to pick Connor up from school, my children knocked me right off my high horse. Isla was screaming and uncooperative. I needed to talk to Connor's teacher, with a screaming two year old in my hands. And Connor? He ran not only out of the classroom, but out of the building and one of his teachers had to run after him. Awesome. I sure was feeling more humble after that experience. 

Then today this lady started going off on how adorable Isla is. She was haming it up, smiling, and talking to the lady. She was being a total doll. Not two minutes later, Isla started down a path that turned into the worst tantrum that I have ever seen or experienced...from anyone's child. It was brutal. Nothing could stop her. It lasted for about 30 minutes. 

So please, for my own sanity, just never complement me or my children again. That way I don't get a big head that will NEED to be deflated. Thanks! 


  1. Hahahaha, it's like our kids know? Oh, Taylor is a great sleeper. BOOM - she's up all night. Alex never cries. BOOM - kid cries for three hours straight.

    Yup, I'm there with you.

  2. You are not alone! Not alone at all!!!

  3. You ARE a great mom! There's nothing wrong with feeling happy when you've done a great job (and you have). Sometimes, even the best kids with the best mommies have off days. Like any job.

  4. Ugh… pride. It is so interesting to think about differences in boys vs girls and just different personalities. Makes me so curious to see what Eisley will be like compared to Nixon. I hope this tantrum phase ends soon for you though as she learns to use her words to communicate with you.


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