Happy Halloween!

Happy halloween from my little minion and little garden gnome. 

One of these children is more excited about their costume than the other...can you tell which one?! Isla is determined not to wear her gnome hat and this mama is determined to get her to wear it for at least one cute picture! We shall see who wins this throw down tonight. I just had a thought (that wouldn't end in a meltdown), maybe I should sew a handle on her hat and turn it into her candy bag...decisions, decisions.

And now we are off to the pumpkin patch. I know, I know. But I won a contest on facebook last night for free pumpkins so I need to go claim my prize. I love winning things. And I am excited it's pumpkins because I was going to wait until tomorrow to buy some on clearance so I could roast some pumpkin seeds. But now I got them for free!

Adorable pictures of my kids by the ever so talented Kori & Jared Photography. As you can see, Connor hammed it up for the camera and Isla ran from the camera. Family pictures in a couple weeks should be interesting...


  1. Adorable costumes! I love how excited Connor is!

  2. I hate that I can't comment on your blogs from my phone because that is where I read them… Anyways.

    Love these kiddos! So fun that Connor is Hamming it up! Isla is adorable! Can't wait to hear about the epic battle and who won… ;)

  3. They both look pretty excited :) Even though one may be less so! What adorable children! I can't wait until your family photos are up!


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