A Glimpse into the Life of Connor

I interrupt regularly scheduled halloween posts, to go a different direction...don't worry, you know pictures of my kids on halloween will be blowing up your bloglovin' feed before you know it!

At 10pm the other night, Connor was still up perusing his Lego catalog. 

Notice the smoke detector on his headboard. It is broken. But he is obsessed with it and every smoke detector he ever sees. 

Then there are the two little ceramic houses my grandma gave Connor. He likes her fancy ones, so she got him these ones. "See the little tiny door mama?" is what I hear in my head when I think about those. 

And the milk that MUST be in a sippy cup. The kid gave up drinking milk before bed years ago, then picked it back up about two months ago. 

Oh, and the light hanging above him? That's totally a camping light. Whatever works! 

I love this little boy of mine so much. When I cuddle with him, I realize how he is getting bigger and bigger. I also realize there will come a day that he no longer wants to cuddle with me. He already thinks it's funny to refuse my kisses. He is like a sponge. When we drive around town, he never ceases to ask questions. When he asks something he knows and I tell him so, he responds with "But I want to hear you say it mama." He never wants to be alone. Doesn't even want to be in the bathroom alone, but he certainly doesn't like Isla coming into the bathroom with him. "Leave me alone sissy! I'm trying to poop!" He enjoys being with his friends so much and has taken to always crying when his friend time is over. When we drove by a park today he said "That is a nice park. We should meet Nixon and Liam there one day." He loves his friends. He is certainly a social guy.

I seriously can't believe how quickly the past (almost) 4 years have gone by. I call it a privilege to watch this little man grow up.


  1. I love this picture, it's so him right now and you've captured that special moment. These kiddos really are growing up too fast.

  2. Love that slice of life. He's such a doll and such a great mix of grown up/still a little kid!


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