There is just something about playing at the park on crisp, cool, sunny days. It's kind of the best. 

This week:

  • Connor went to the dentist and did AMAZING! The dentist told me she couldn't believe how different he was this time around. 
  • I started getting organized about my Christmas shopping. I really don't like going out in the chaos and want to be as organized as possible...to be able to shop online as much as possible. 
  • Am I the only person who finds PERFECT Chritsmas presents for myself when looking for others?! I almost ordered myself this the other day...instead I showed the hubby and told him I thought it was great. 
  • After going weeks without climbing out of her crib, we found Isla asleep on the floor during her nap. She had obviously played with quite a few toys before falling asleep as well. Time to take her out of a crib? I'm still not sure. 

I can hardly believe it is November, let alone that Thanksgiving is this week! But, I am looking forward to a short work week for the hubby, our friends coming into town to visit for Thanksgiving and taking the kids and my nephew for their annual cousin photo. What are you looking forward to?

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