Two Things

1. In young adulthood (i.e. early 20's) I worked with a girl who really shaped a lot of me. I can remember being in Chicago for work and her stopping at every panhandler we passed and giving them money. I asked her why since they were probably just going to use it on alcohol or drugs. And she told me something that changed me. She said it isn't up to us to determine the place of someone's heart, but for us to help. That changed my view of the homeless and panhandlers. From then on, I have helped. I don't help every one I see because without sounding weird, I feel drawn to help some and not others. Now to my story...

On Saturday I was out and about with my mom when we passed a panhandler. I felt that nudging in my soul to help, so we drove back by him to give him some money. As I pulled up to him, he seemed almost skittish and kind of hid. When he realized I was ok, he walked up to my car and chatted with us for a few minutes. Apparently earlier someone threw a can of cat food at him. CAT FOOD. Really?! He even said, "They could have at least thrown crackers." This man was nice. Down on his luck. But I was glad to have spent a couple minutes and a couple dollars helping him.

2. On Sunday I was running early so decided to go through the Starbucks drive thru before meeting Ian for church. I pulled up in line and another car pulled up to the side of the line. I decided to be nice and let them go in front of me (once the line started moving). What happened next is when the true story begins. This crazy lady in an suv decided she too wanted in front of me. So, she pulled up super close and revved her engine at me, yelled at me and flipped me off. Two things went through my mind 1. this lady wants coffee WAY MORE than I do 2. I really don't want this crazy lady behind me. So in front of me I let her go. When it was her turn to order, she was arguing with the person taking orders about the cost of the drinks. Really? As if they can do anything to change it! When she got to the window, she proceeded to be rude and even yell at the girl at the window. After she got her drinks, she floored (like literally floored) it out of the drive thru. It was all a very bazar encounter. When I pulled up to the window, I could tell the worker was flustered. I too remember getting flustered by crazy customers at Starbucks. So I decided to try to encourage her a little. Whether it helped or not, I don't know. But at least I got a smile out of her and I can only hope neither I or that poor Starbucks worker ever have to cross paths with that crazy lady again.



  1. Whoa, throwing a CAN of cat food at someone? Seriously?!?! That's so awful, poor guy. I'm glad you felt that nudge and listened. You have such a kind heart Jessica!

  2. Your comments about helping the homeless are striking. I so rarely think of them. Honestly, I barely give them a passing glance. I need to change my attitude on this.

    I try to be especially nice to customer service workers, especially if they had a tough customer before me!


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