Connor {four}

Weight: 36 lbs
Height: 40.5 inches

recognizes his name when he sees it somewhere
knows what traffic lights mean...and tells you if he thinks you ran a red light!
can swing himself
can ride a scooter and his balance bike

teacher at preschool is Eileen
friend at preschool is Jessie
toy is legos and minions
food is all things cheese
jumping off of things

Four is a funny age. This little person is completely their own person, yet they still have this little dependence on you. And they aren't quite to the age where they don't want that dependence on you (which I am oh-so-glad about). Thus I still get those cuddles I want but Connor will take himself to the bathroom (for the most part). 

This kid is full of personality. He loves to talk. Literally any time we drive around, he talks the WHOLE time. For the most part I find it super cute. Especially when he is talking away (asking questions and all) and I respond and he says "I not talking to you mama. I talking to myself." I saw somewhere the other day that a four year old asks more than 300 questions a day. I would certainly say this is true with Connor. And I generally find it rather cute because I realize he is trying to learn everything about the world. What isn't cute is if I say didn't see a sign that he had a question about and it then leads to a meltdown because I can't properly answer his question. (Thankfully Connor meltdowns are nothing compared to Isla meltdowns!) I try to make sure and challenge Connor too by telling him to tell me the answer to a question he knows or asking him to count things for me. 

Connor is a very social little guy and would happily play with other kids all day. And I find it funny when he describes the kids he had fun playing with by what they were wearing. "the boy in the striped gray shirt." And slowly Connor is actually learning the kids names in his class and no longer describing them by their clothes. Except for the girls. He seems to have no interest in the girls. 

Food wise Connor seems to be all over the place. Sometimes he eats hardly anything, other times he eats everything and keeps asking for more. What he liked yesterday, he doesn't like today. But in general "he eats what we eat". Usually that looks like him eating the meat, pasta/rice and fruit on his plate and leaving the vegetables behind. Oh and the kid LOVES butter and bread. Love is almost an understatement. I think he would eat a stick of butter if I let him. Which this is funny to me because we never use butter at our house. 

Connor goes to sleep every night in his room. Thankfully he grew out of wanting his overhead light on and is fine with just a nightlight. He likes music playing...because of those pesky well. Ian usually puts him to bed and lays with him until he falls asleep. Most nights that is just a few minutes because he doesn't nap so he goes to sleep easily. Most nights Connor also finds his way to our bed. I never know when he does it because he literally doesn't cry or anything. He wakes up and crawls into our bed (almost always between Ian and I) all by himself. 

And because I figured another whole post on Connor's birthday party would be a little overkill, here are a couple pictures of him getting sung happy birthday to then blowing out his candle. 

Connor had a ton of fun running around and playing with his friends at his party.  And of course enjoyed his presents. He wanted to open and play with each present he unwrapped, but I kept him going. Of course, all afternoon he ran around playing with a balloon one of his friends bought him...see, its the little things in life! 

Happy birthday little man! I hope you felt special on your day!



  1. Happy Birthday Connor! You're such a handsome little guy! And I love that you love Minions so much!

    Great photos, Mama! The ones of him and the balloon darling.

  2. I'm continually struck by how OLD he looks. Like he looks like a kid, all of sudden, not a toddler anymore! It also strikes me how long I've been following your blog - before Isla was born! I'm so glad I can be part of your life in this way.

    Happy birthday Connor!

    1. A couple months ago I somehow ended up reading an old post of yours from 2010 and I was loving it. Then I scrolled down to the bottom and realize that I commented on it in 2010 as well. Apparently we have been blog buddies for a while now!


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