Halloween 2013

Given that celebrating halloween with kids is still relatively new to us, I still feel like we are finding what works for our family. And I personally think this year was a win. We took the kids to the church where Connor goes to preschool. They have a fall fair and it totally made me nostalgic because it was how my church did things when I was growing up. After that, we headed over to Ian's parents so they could see the kids and to eat dinner. Then back home for bed. 

 ^^ Believe it or not, this is the best picture I have of the kids together on halloween. Good thing it is pretty funny...and at least Isla is visible and smiling.

^^ Connor minion. He went back and forth throughout the evening with wearing and not wearing his mask.

^^ I decided to go with my idea of turning Isla's hat into her candy bag. It was easy and resulted in no meltdowns from anyone...though I still wish I could have gotten a picture of her wearing the hat.

At the fall fair there were all sorts of games, a hay ride, cookie decorating, face painting, a bounce house and a bounce obstacle course. Connor wanted to spend his time at the bounce obstacle course. Isla did as well, but there was no way it was age appropriate so I directed her toward the bounce house and she had a grand ole time.

The real win of the night was face painting. I didn't know if the kids would go for it, but decided to try. After selecting a flower, Isla refused to allow the girl close to her face, but held out her hand. And after getting one hand painted, then held out her other hand. It was pretty cute. She then proceeded to lick, yes LICK, the paint off her hands in the following few minutes.

Connor selected a cupcake and asked that the frosting be purple. He was very serious while the girl painted his face. He stayed still the whole time, which I wasn't sure he would. But the true joy came when Connor saw the cupcake in the mirror. He didn't want to stop looking at it. He was so excited. Even when we got to Ian's parents, Connor wanted to look at the cupcake in the mirror. And he proceeded to talk about that cupcake for days. That little cupcake on his face was definitely the highlight of his halloween.

If it's up to me, we will definitely be going back to the fall fair next year. The kids had so much fun and I enjoyed reliving my childhood a little.

Oh, and because I want to remember this, while we were at Ian's parents house, every time someone came to the door, Connor would run up to them and yell "trick or treat". It was uber adorable and showed that he still doesn't quite get the whole trick or treat concept. Maybe next year.


  1. The kids look so cute!! Connor Minion, just perfect. Sweet little gnome Isla, the best!! Sounds like you had a really nice family night. I love it!

  2. Sounds like a pretty perfect evening. And I totally am with you - I had such intention of adorable photos, but I think toddlers don't agree with me!

  3. I love that Connor's favorite part was the face paint! What a special moment for him.


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