Connor's Preschool Party

This little boy of mine is going to be four tomorrow. FOUR! On the one hand, I would like to wonder how that happened and say that time just flew by. But really, it didn't. We have packed a lot of life into these past four years. Really it's just that happy-sad emotion I am feeling that my little boy is turning another year older. I am happy because I love watching his personality develop and watching him change and grow. I am sad because I know eventually he won't be my little boy.

Today Connor had a little birthday party at preschool. We (Ian came along too) got there in the middle of show and tell. I actually really enjoyed watching that because I always wondered how show and tell went and what the kids said. I noticed Connor's birthday hat and one of the teachers informed me that Connor was super into his hat and refused to take it off for anything. We set up and they called the kids over to come eat.

The teachers had all the kids sing Connor happy birthday and he totally closed his eyes for the whole thing. And he just proved by doing that that he is TOTALLY my child. It made me laugh. On the way out Connor was given a birthday book. It contained drawings from each kid in Connor's class. Talk about cuteness overload. I totally loved it and hope he felt special today.

And well, since Connor's birthday isn't until tomorrow and he has another party then, be prepared for a Connor overload over the next few days. I still can't believe I am a mom to a FOUR year old!


  1. Oh my goodness… 4! It seems so much older! This is all so great! I always wished I didn't have a summer birthday for reason just like this!! My poor Nixon… Can't wait to celebrate with Connor!

  2. That first picture has so much excitement in it! What a fun time at preschool.

    Happy birthday Connor!!


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