Just trying to get a little creative with my pictures here. Sure it isn't the best picture of the kids, but it's a pretty dang accurate one of life around here...Connor blowing raspberries on Isla's belly and her loving every second of it.

This week:

  • It felt like a week of parties that left me a little exhausted. Connor had three birthday parties. Yes, THREE. One at school, a friend's party and a family party. That's a lot of parties for a little boy who's mom originally wasn't planing any parties. 
  • It literally brought tears to my eyes when I realized Connor was singing along to "Our God" in the car. My greatest desire is for my children to be followers of Christ. 
  • We had family pictures yesterday and I got inspiration for my outfit here...my outfit included a green sweater and mustard tights paired with a black striped dress. I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out! 
  • Isla scored some cute hair clips thanks to my cousin. And it's perfect timing given that I have kind of given up of pulling Isla's hair back and have started just clipping her bangs to the side...all because she just pulls out any pony or pigtails I put in her hair. 
  • I cleaned out my car and feel ready to conquer the world...so watch out Monday...with a clean car and a cup of coffee, I am unstoppable! 

We have rain in our forecast for this week. I feel all giddy about it. Here's to a great week ahead (for you and me)! 


  1. Three birthday parties? Lucky little guy.

    Can wait to see the hairclips in your little girl! I bet she'll look adorable!

  2. Aww you are so creative Jess! I'm so looking forward to rain this week too!! YAY!!!

  3. I am thinking of wearing a gray striped dressed for our family photos too so thanks for that great link!


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