This picture pretty much sums up the chaos around me lately. Sometimes I wonder how these two little people can have SO MUCH MORE energy than I do. They literally run circles around me. Thank God for coffee in the morning (or all day long) and wine at night. Seriously, thank you Jesus!

This (past) week:

  • I voted. I seriously love voting. It makes me feel so happy to be able to go to the poling station and vote. And Connor was full of questions about voting. Hopefully I will pass this passion on to him. 
  • I loved this blog post. It hit the nail on the head. People (especially in the parenting world) are always trying to squash other people's joy by letting them know "what lies ahead". Just enjoy the beautiful moments people!
  • Ian and I went on a breakfast date after Disneyland to one of my most favorite restaurants ever. If you ever find yourself in Hollywood, go there and thank me later. 
  • Connor was fascinated by a praying mantis in our yard and spent half an hour with his nose practically touching it, but wouldn't pick it up. But he thought it was so cool when I picked it up.  


  1. Hahahaha! That picture is perfection!

  2. i love everything about this photo!
    I love voting too, something about actually walking into the polling place is so great! Nixon had so many questions too! I found it challenging to explain to him! haha
    Thanks for making me cry with that blog post. Thanks for sharing it! It is great!!!!
    We have baby praying mantis in our front yard all the time, Nixon couldn't care less though! I love that Connor was so interested in it!

  3. One of my favorites! Your pose in the background is spot on. You're going to look back on this one and laugh. :)


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